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Telephone 44 01327 264277 I Email I Web Forever the innovators in promotional plastic BESPOKE PHONE STAND The bespoke phone stand is a practical and useful product designed to give your customers an in your face product. As a desk product it will be constantly in view therefore perfect to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. It can be made in virtually any shape making it relevant for many different end users. The phone stand is designed to hold phones both horizontally and vertically which means it can also be used whilst your phone is charging. This product is also NOT exclusively for phonesits equally effective as a card holder or recipe stand. This lightweight flat product is also perfect for mailers covermounts and on-pack promotion. SPAGHETTI TOOL This unique multi-purpose 3-in-1 tool not only gives you perfect portion control ensuring spaghetti wastage is a thing of the past but each end has been designed to have its own function. One end is designed as a jar scraper ensuring ever drop of sauce is used and the other end is a spaghetti fork allowing you to lift the pasta out of the boiling water. The versatile design offers ample branding space and can be printed from a single colour to full colour. PINT AND BOTTLE GLASS HOLDER This innovative product is uniquely designed not only to carry four bottles but also allows four pint glasses to be carried at the same time. Its slim design means it is easy to transport but also easy to carry even when fully loaded with glasses and bottles. The central branding area can be either printed or relief moulded with any company logo or promotional message. It is the Ideal product for festivals sporting events and University promotions. ICE CUBE TRAY If you are after a fantastic product for a bar or drinks promotion then look no further. Our all new Ice Cube Tray allows us to create bespoke ice cubes without the high tool costs usually associated with this product. Clever tooling allows us to create relief or embossed logos or shapes within a 30mm diameter at the bottom of each ice cube. The product can be moulded in any solid or transparent colour is light weight and stackable allowing for easy storage All of these fantastic new products can be moulded in a range of transparent and solid colours and can be pantone matched to ensure branding guidelines or themes are never an issue. Due to our bespoke capabilities custom shapes are also possible and you dont need to be put off by the cost as we offer affordable competitive tooling prices. So you can make your products stand out with unique and interesting shapes and vibrant colours without breaking the bank.