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30mm 160mm print area 30mm diameter 140mm custom area 35mm x 35mm 175mm 35mm print area 6mm x 55mm 45mm 45mm 35mm 38mm 40mm 29mm Make a stir open a bottle or simply promote your brand. Whatever your are looking for in the hectic world of drinks promotion let Great Central Plastics create a product that will get your name noticed. We can make redemption tokens point of sale plaques or really individual bottle stoppers as well as our standard and custom 25ml50ml shot glasses and custom bomber glasses. Give us a try and see how we can get your logo and brand rememebered. As well as 25ml and 50ml shot glasses we also make 25ml and 50ml shot glass serving paddles 8 SS0001 Standard Swizzle Sticks 30 x 160mm Standard Swizzle Stick print area 30mm diameter Custom Swizzle Sticks 35 x 140mm Custom Swizzle Stick custom shape area 35 x 35mm LC0001 Lemon Crusher 30 x 175mm Lemon Crusher Stick print area 6 x 55mm SG0002 Standard 25ml Shot Glass 45mm diameter x 45mm tall print area 45mm x 35mm SG0001 Standard 50ml Shot Glass 45mm diameter x 45mm tall print area 45mm x 35mm back to contents