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It is clear to see why our magnets key fobs and coasters are so popular. These high quality cost effective promotional products are the perfect way to get your message across when you are on a restricted budget and remember if you have your own printed inserts we supply plain product to save you even more money. If you are looking for a size not listed give us a call we offer a full custom service with in house tooling to make any size or shape you might want. 10 35mm 42mm print area 30mm x 30mm KF0001 54mm 32mm print area 35mm x 25mm KF0002 42mm 65mm print area 45mm x 35mm KF0003 100mm 100mm print area 90mm x 90mm CC0001 53mm 92mm print area 70mm x 45mm KF0004 62mm 62mm print area 55mm x 55mm CM0001 78mm 53mm print area 70mm x 45mm CM0002 97mm 66mm print area 90mm x 60mm CM0003 55mm 33mm print area 35mm x 25mm KF0005 CLEAR KEYFOBS KF0001 42 x 35mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 30 x 30mm KF0002 54 x 32mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 35 x 25mm KF0003 65 x 42mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 45 x 35mm KF0004 92 x 53mm Acrylic Keyfob print area 70 x 45mm KF0005 55 x 33mm Hinged PP Keyfob print area 35 x 24mm CLEAR COASTERS CC0001 100 x 100mm Coaster a print area 90 x 90mm CLEAR MAGNETS CM0001 62 x 62mm Magnet print area 55 x 55mm CM0002 78 x 53mm Magnet print area 70 x 45mm CM0003 97 x 66mm Fridge Magnet print area 90 x 60mm back to contents