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What better way to get your promotion off to a flying start We not only make the traditional round frisbee but we also manufacture many more unusual flyers too. All designs can be customised to suit your companys needs including your choice of colour and your logo. We make some of the best frisbees at the best prices and offer unparalelled customisation and branding. 4 200mm 90mm 115mm print area 65mm diameter 215mm print area 180mm diameter 220mm print area 110mm diameter 160mm print area 105mm x 55mm 180mm print area 30mm dia 120mm print area 60mm diameter 210mm print area 70mm diameter 160mm print area 40mm diameter 110mm print area 30mm dia BM0001 MF0001 MF0002 MF0003 LF0001 LF0002 LF0003 SF0001 SF0003SF0002 BM0001 200 x 90mm Boomerang MF0001 115mm Small Flyer print area 65mm MF0002 120mm Small Orbiter print area 60mm MF0003 110mm Small Skysurfer print area 30mm LF0001 220mm Large Flyer print area 110mm LF0002 215mm Large Flyer print area 180mm LF0003 210mm Large Skysurfer print area 70mm SF0001 160mm Spider Flyer print area 40mm SF0002 180mm Star Flyer print area 30mm SF0003 160mm Football Flyer print area 105mm x 55mm back to contents